All tutorials will be available in PDF format as well as the regular HTML format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 to open these files.

Tutorial #1 Text on a Curved Path---Tutorial 1 PDF
Tutorial #2 Using Invisible Parent Objects---Tutorial 2 PDF
Tutorial #3 Making QTVR Objects---Tutorial 3 PDF
Tutorial #4 Word Wrapping--- Tutorial 4 PDF
Tutorial #5 Texture Mapping Series- Rope--- Tutorial 5 PDF
Tutorial #6 Surfacing and Scene Building--- Tutorial 6 PDF
Tutorial #7 Using the Lathe Workshop---Tutorial 7 PDF
Tutorial #8 Building a room.---Tutorial 8 PDF
Tutorial #11 Holiday Lights ---Tutorial 11 PDF

New Tutorials will appear as I have time to write them and test them. Please stop back if what you need is not here, yet.

Archives! All of the files you need to do the tutorials are listed here.

Tutorial 5 Archive --- 599K
Tutorial 6 Archive 1 --- 686K
Tutorial 6 Archive 2 --- 418K
Tutorial 11 Archive --- 910K

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